For authors and publicists

Porter Square Books hosts book events in person and virtually, and we enjoy bringing a variety of authors to the surrounding community. We host events at both of our store locations in Cambridge and in Boston.

If you're an author or publicist interested in asking us to host an event, here's some of the information we're looking for:

  • What is the book? Title and author are crucial--and yes, some requests do leave them out--and ISBN is always helpful.
  • Who is publishing/distributing the book? If it's a major publisher, tell us which one. If it's a small publisher carried by a distributor on industry-standard terms, tell us that. If it's self-published or put out by a small publisher that doesn't work with our distributors, let us know -- if we do an event, we'll ask you to provide books on a consignment basis.
  • When will the book be published? In most cases, we host events for recently-published books, not books that have already been out for months or years. Our events calendar fills up two to three months in advance, so send us your requests early!
  • What venue are you looking to host at? We have two store locations and also host virtual events, so please specify where you envision your event with us taking place.
  • What makes your book a good fit for PSB? Are you from the area? Do you have a Boston-area network of people who will show up for your event? Is the topic of local interest? Will you be appearing at other bookstores nearby?
  • How will you market this event

Send all requests to We'll do our best to respond to your proposal within 2 weeks.

An author reads to an audience from the stage at Porter Square Books: Boston Edition